404 Tax Advantaged Real Estate


Thanks for visiting Tax Exempt PDX!  We do a very simple thing here. We help you get a great deal on your dream home by efficiently using Portland’s “Limited Tax Exemption”  (LTE) program.  First, we help you understand the program.   Then we help you find qualified homes in a timely and efficient manner.

What are we talking about?  We are talking about the Portland Development Commission (PDC) program known as Limited Tax Exemption. Let’s call it “LTE“. It is a very simple program at it’s essence: buy a home in a targeted area, don’t make a zillion dollars a year, and get a substantial ten (10) year property tax reduction.

The key word is substantial.  Using PDC’s own figures, we are talking about $21,240.00 of savings or $176.00 per month. 

You get two things from us that can help you  save thousands on your home purchase.

            1.)  Timely Notification. We publish listings using Facebook and Twitter so you don’t have to remember to keep looking.

            2.) More Complete Details. That’s what we keep here on this website!

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